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Magnets and gas rams


So I've been trying to come up with ideas for a stock to make my benjamin trail np pistol into a carbine or at least more stability and accuracy, so I got to thinking while trying to come up with a way to attach a stock without to much modding and I was wondering do/would  rare earth neodymium magnets affect the nitro piston ? Like slow it down or anything like that? Feels like a dumb question but figured I'd ask just in case as I had an idea that could incorporate one of the magnet rings I have from my work as the style seems like it could be used for a very barebones easily detachable wire stock if the magnet wouldn't cause issues.

Make the piston of the ram using a strong magnet, then attach a series of wire wound coils along the outside of the ram cylinder...
You could have a Gestukita ray gun........

I cannot imagine a magnet having any effect on a gas ram....

Thats a very tempting idea.....haha....I mean they are industrial strength ones. I had tried with it on the back a few times but haven't attempted to make a stock yet, didn't really notice any negative difference from it being on there. So I suppose I'm gonna see what I can come up with, won't be pretty but I'm more worried about function.


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