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AIRGUN RANGE TIME - Gamo Hunter Extreme Pro .22 Caliber - Old School Airgunning!



Letís take a look at the Gamo Hunter Extreme PRO .22 Caliber - Now the old Gamo Hunter Extreme captured the hearts and minds of many airgunners with its traditional wood and steel construction, beautiful styling, and high FPS claims.  But all that came at a price.  As breakbarrel makers sought to increase market share by becoming more competitive on price, the old-school wood and steel breakbarrels started to fade away.   But Gamo has taken a chance and released a throwback to the good old days with the Gamo Hunter Extreme Pro.  This traditional breakbarrel is built with wood and steel, but also comes with some new modern features as well.  In this video, weíll take it for a short spin as we start our trip down memory lane.

Man, itís a great time to be an airgunner!

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