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Benjamin Trail NP XL Magnum "Classic" Full Review by Airgun Detectives

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This is the Classic Benjamin Trail NP XL Breakbarrel Air Rifle. This is one of the first true "Magnum" breakbarrels air rifles produced.  It is offered in three calibers, .177. .22 and .25. We give you a close-up look and  show you the performance of the 1500 model (.177 Caliber). #staytunedforairgundetectives
*Note all airgun demonstrations and displays are conducted in a safe environment, on a range, specifically designed for "Airguns"

river drifter:
Iíve almost bought one of these a couple of different times.

Looks competitive with some of the German guns.

A.K.A. Tommy Boy:
Hi John. 

Great review on the Benjamin Trail NPXL 1500.
I agree with you, .22 cal is the way to go with this rifle.
I had a .22 cal.Benjamin Trail NPXL 1100 for several years.
I did extensive hunting with this rifle under a variety of field conditions ranging from mild Fall weather to harsh winter weather.
I got this rifle on a trade deal thru the GTA Classifieds.
The guy that I got the rifle from bought it new when Crosman first came out with them.
He had only shot about a tin of pellets thru it then switched to PCP's.
He had a tuner tune the rifle.
It came with a GRT III trigger already installed and the rifle stock had been soft bedded, an after market piston seal was installed, the piston cylinder has been honed on a sunnen honing machine. It had been Molly lubed and all ruff edges were smother out. The factory gas ram had been checked out and set to maximum factory specs on the nitrogen pressure.
His big complaint was that it was too heavy, hard to cock and it had a tendency to be hard on rifle scopes.
I added a Diana Bullseye ZR scope mount after I got it and the scope breakage problems disappeared.
For a scope I added a Hammers 3-9x32 AO Mild Dot air rifle scope.
After I had it for a while, I noticed a poi shift if the shroud locking cap nut loosened up and I would have to re-torque it back to factory specs.
To solve that problem, I removed the shroud and and slipped on a snug fitting, full length rubber air hose then wrapped it all with self adhesive camo fabric wrap. This made the rifle a lot easier to handle in sub-zero temperatures and my shot group size shrank from 1 inch at 40 yards to about half of that. The shot groups became very consistent after that all year round.

Here is a picture of the rifle that I had, while it was being under field conditions out hunting in the North Woods


Best Wishes - Tom

you know Tom, out of all the guns i had that one has always eluded me... guess i havent found a decent deal on one yet. I do like its little brother, and i have one tuned to about 18 FPE that anchors squirrels in what they think is the "safe zone". I mostly hunt and pest under 12 fpe, so when the door opens, the critters all move back pass 45 yards... silly Maybe its time to find one of this great magnum guns...


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