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Amputated My Fingertip(GRAPHIC PICTURE BEWARE)

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Though I'd share my horror story.  This is a friendly, yet gruesome reminder for anyone new to the hobby.

I've had a Beeman GS1000 since the early 90s.  I knew very well that, while cocked, the barrel would swing closed if the trigger was pulled.

Last summer while troubleshooting it, I completely FORGOT that safety concern.  My left index finger was in the breech and I pulled the trigger.  I didn't find my fingertip until I returned from the ER.  It was trapped in the breech.  The doctor said he would not have sewn it back on anyway

Thanks for sharing.  I offer the safety tip to everyone that I see when they donít hold the barrel with the non loading hand.

I go to great lengths to explain what can happen. Children remember and have better habit patterns than adults with respect to this safety practice.

I offered the safety tip to someone shooting his air rifle one day and he thanked me. For the first 5-6 shots after that he held the barrel secure with the non loading hand.

Then he slipped back to his old habit of just holding the stock of the rifle with the non loading hand.

I winced and said that Iíd hate to see him lose a finger.

He gave me a dirty look as if to say, ďmind you own ____________ business.Ē

Please donít think any less of me but after he gave me the dirty look, I kind of hoped the barrel would have slammed shut on his thumb.

Sorry to see that happen!!
Sure looks like more than a finger tip to me.
Excuse me for asking but why would you pull the trigger with the barrel open?

Like I said. I knew better but had a brain fart.
The rifle wasn't putting out enough air to shoot the pellet, so I thought I'd check.

The absolute most stupid thing I've ever done in my entire life. I wept from stupidity not the pain.

I once told a couple of guys shooting their air rifle at the gun range that the barrel might snap shut if not held when loading  (I was shooting mine also).  They said thanks...but kept doing it their way...oh well, they might learn the hard way someday...


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