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ON THE HUNT – Her Best Buck Yet With Airgun Pro Shop and Airgun Angie



FINALLY!!! Guys I have been on the hunt for quite some time, hoping and praying for the opportunity to take a nice buck with my Gamo TC-45! I met my neighboring still hunter after hearing him shoot a buck I had just watched cross the power line, hoping he was coming to my corn pile. Tony Bivens got him and he was a nice one! We began conversing while sitting and he would continue to send me pics of the bucks he’d see on camera and the three that he killed. I still had nothing and he said I could sit in his stand, super generous of him!! The only rules he gave me were to sneak in and out of the stand as much as possible, and to leave all the mature does. He sent me a picture from his trail camera of this very nice buck and said in the text, “ I hope he comes out for ya.” Well he most definitely did, and I was able to take him watch the video to get the full story!

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