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Caiman X .22

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Mike -:
Agreed,  very happy with my Caiman (the "short" version !).\


Great looking gun! I just pulled the trigger on a used maverick sniper 22.  Looks like I'll need to start saving up again >:( 

Very nice candid review, had that "live" feel about it.

Makes me want to get one now.

Dang you, GRIP video (good thing I already have two other guns on their way in, so I gotta wait...for now...)

BTW that Olive is turning out to be one active teen pup. After all, she's just trying to retrieve whatever Daddy was shooting at, like a good girl! ;D

Travis- While i enjoy all the Grip video's I have to call you out on a safety issue. At 13:45 of the video you chamber a pellet & then see your dogs pulling down the target. You get off the bench without opening the action or putting on the safety & go down range to reset the target. Maybe you edited the video but it's still not safe to be in the line of fire with a loaded gun that is off safe! I made that mistake once & it scared the bejesus out out of me when i returned to the bench. Lesson learned!!!


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