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smith and wesson 77A year???

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so the gun was made between 1971-78 my serial number reads

Anybody now what year that was??


This may get you a little closer. Does your 77A have scope grooves on the action? If so it was produced between 1973-78; if not it is an early variant manufactured in 1971 or 1972.

I have been told that the Air Gun Division moved from Tampa, Florida in 1973 to Springfield, Massachusetts. Some early Model rifles and even some late production rifles could be marked with a Florida location. However, I have not seen any such markings on a Model 77A rifle, all the ones I have seen have the Springfield, MA markings.

In 1978 Bangor moved the Air Gun Division back to Florida and the Model 77A was dropped. In 1980 Bangor sold the Smith & Wesson air rifle division to Daisy.


Your post prompted me to pulled my S&W Model 77A out, I took a look at the SN it is G028905, which is 614 rifles from your model.

I have read where there is a hypothetical theory that leading alpha character indicates decade of manufacture and last number in serial number is the year of that decade, if this is indeed true my rifle was manufactured in 1975 which puts it in the time period of the years dovetail scope rails were added to the action (1973-1978). I had to use zoom on my camera to confirm the G was not a numerical zero which it looked like without zoom.

Again if this hypothetical theory holds true for dating the S&W Model 77A yours would be a first year production model 1971 but to be an early rifle would mean there are no dovetails for a scope on the action. If yours has no dovetails this hypothetical theory could be more truth than fiction, to to prove it out will require a few hundred examples of this rifle not just two, but two could be a starting point.

Attached are a few pictures of my 77A

Elroy  -

The serial number of my 77a begins with G and ends with a 9. That would make it made in 1979 Are we sure production ended in 1978? It does have the scope rails.


The production years of 1971 -1978 are listed in the Bluebook,  this book for all intents and purpose tries to be a definitive document. However, I only use it as one of many reference documents, as there are inaccuracies that pop up from time to time as I found with the production years of the Marksman air rifles produced by Wiehrauch. It seems they were producing the Marksman line using up old B.S.F inventory on models such as the Marksman Models 55 & 70 as well as using them for the long retired Beeman R10 (HW85) long before the buyout of B.S.F was completed. officially My Marksman Model 70 was produced in 1986, again there must have been an early collaboration effort to use up old BSF inventory, which in the end resulted in some odd trigger configurations on the Marksman branded rifles, some had BSF triggers while others had the old “Perfekt” trigger and others used the famous Rekord trigger.

As such it should not be assumed as a definitive cold turkey end of production occurred in 1978 for the Model 77A. As with most business’s it very well could have been 1978 was the year in which a decision was made to start winding down production and models continued to be produced sometime into 1979 until no inventory was left.

I would imagine S&W may also have produced some of thes rifles in 1970 as test/demo/marketing items, but I have not seen any such examples, just as not seeing and Florida examples that are alleged to exist.

This would also be very consistent with the sell off to Daisy in 1980, which did not continue the S&W air rifles model 77A (Air) or 80G (Gas = CO2). However, S&W pistols carried on under the Daisy brand.


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