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Umarex ReadyAir Compressor

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There are potential electrical safety issues with it over on another thread; I posted about how it's not grounded/earthed being it's a metal chassis; not double-insulated.

I did ask Umarex last week, but they haven't yet responded. I will call them and find out the deal is with this machine.

I do reviews/testing on other products for some companies. They will send me out a demo/sample and I test it. I would like to get my hands on one to check it out, then return it. I have no interest in another compressor (unless they tell me no), but I am concerned for other's safety. Usually what I do with products the manufacturer doesn't want back is I dismantle and destroy it, then it goes out in the bin for scrap metal/recycling.

Umarex did a "maintenance" video which states that the piston head has to be fully broken down and the o rings replaced for every 20 hours of use.

Looking for a compressor and am considering this one, would this be a better choice than some of the other smaller units? I don't think it would get used as much as some do theirs but then I never thought I would put a few thousand rounds of 9mm down range in three times to the range. This is all new to a powder burner so please be gentle.

I just pulled the trigger as they say on one of these compressors from Pyramid, suppose to be here next Tuesday I will have to let you know what I think(not that I know what i am talking about) after I get it and try it out. My Kratos is about half full and the Gauntlet came empty so it will be a cap off and a full fill.

Here's my in-depth review and safety analysis:


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