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Huma-Air Mod40-5/0 Moderator Review


Hi everyone,


I decided to make a small review video on a Huma-Air Mod40-5/0 Moderator Review .25 moderator. Its a very silent moderator and I had a great time shooting it. I shot around 1k rounds with it so not such a long time review, but hopefully enough of information for everyone.


Thanks everyone for your time when watching my videos. Hope you all get some good info out of them 🙂

DB readings were as follows:

Control group: 78.1, 78.2, 78.7, 78.4, 78.1

Huma-Air: 40-5: 73.2, 73.8, 73.3, 72.7, 74.0



Control group: 0.686" = 1.314moa

Huma-Air 40-5: 0.815"=1.56moa

Nice review, thanks.

Thanks! I was pretty happily impressed with it. When I am doing adjusting and tuning work in my garage, this is my go-to moderator. Otherwise neighbours will start to wonder :D


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