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DonnyFL Ronin .30 Moderator review


I decided to make a small review video on a DonnyFL Ronin moderator.  I had very intresting results with this one. I will have to make another review with my new more powerfull .30 platform that I have in the future for more indepth info.

Thanks for the great support already by everyone on the channel. I hope I can give some good insight with my videos and provide some good value for everyone :)

Donny’s stuff is nice.

I have the Emperor with extension on the Umarex Hammer and the Ronin on the .357 Ataman bully, it really tames the bark enough that I don't have to wear ear plugs. Donny makes nice setups for sure.

DonnyFL makes nice stuff thats for sure. I just felt bad when I did this review originally, because this was meant for my FX Impact M3 .30 cal. It was just too upsized for my .22 Flash. When I put it into my Impact it did wonders. I have an updated review coming out in a few weeks and hopefully atleast I feel then better  :D


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