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Cleaning lead fouling?

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Decided to put this in here since we generally have faster speeds and often different types of ammo.

What is a good way to clean lead fouling out of a barrel? While working on another problem, I decided it was time to give the barrel on my Bulldog a good cleaning. After almost 2 hours of pulling Balistol patches, they were finally coming out mostly clean. Pulled out my new borescope to take a look and found that I still have a lot of lead in the barrel.

Aside from a rigid cleaning rod and brass brush, what have you used to clean the lead out? Yes I'm looking for a magical elixir that will wipe right out with a patch, and hopefully not eat o rings.

I have used the same thing for years.  Airgun barrels get transfer leading, lacking heat in airguns from burning powder, they do not vaporize lead and deposit it like firearms do.

So at 1100 FPS, with pure or 40-1 alloy, I found that 30 weight silicone oil on a moderately tight patch,  using a jag and a ridged high quality one piece cleaning rod that has a handle that rotates worked best for me, it is also what I lube my cast airgun bullets with.

It is what works for me, but I am sure others have great results from other methods.



Thanks, I'll have to get some jags for my caliber and give it a try.

I'm pretty much just going to powder coat everything after I get this mess sorted out.

Scrubbed with Chore Boy copper scrubbing pad, that got some of it. Scrubbed with J-B Bore Bright, that got some more. Still way too much in there.

Now here is the part that I'm not happy with, the more lead I remove, the more pits and scrapes I uncover. I have a feeling the lead is building up on these pits to get a foothold, and all down hill from there. Wondering if I should order a new barrel and see how it looks inside. I thought the barrel on my Kral looked rough, until I got half way on this Benjamin barrel. Sorry, no new pictures, and after another hour and a half I think I'm giving up for the night.

The borescope is both a blessing and a curse.

Greg, I think you're correct about the lead deposits filling in the pitting, most of the fouling should have been removed in your first cleaning...the second proves your theory! I bet if you shoot some lead now, your POI will be way off....that'll seal your theory! LOL!


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