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Required NUAH Targets - Closed

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Since NUAH has been around, only a few shooters have asked to qualify using a target other than the "official" NUAH targets available for download in the Rules thread.  The rules state they "MAY" be allowed (at the discretion of the Director).  Recently we have had some targets submitted that are hand drawn, and while they appear to have been made and shot within the spirit of the rules, it is obvious that using hand drawn targets can cause problems.  I am not suggesting that any targets have been submitted with the intent of cheating.  However, we need to consider the following problems:

1.  It would be possible to shoot a 5-shot group and then draw the POA and circle afterwards, positioning it for best score or Division qualification.

2.  If there is a very cluttered background (eg. newspaper or phone book) it makes it more difficult to see the bullet holes.

3.  If the paper tears extremely easily (eg. newsprint) it becomes very difficult to judge the point of impact, particularly if the holes are close together.

I hesitate to require only NUAH targets, but not doing so creates a problem for whoever is looking after NUAH (the "Director") and has to make the decisions.  I personally print all my targets on 66 lb. cover stock, because the holes are quite well defined.  You can get away with 20 lb. printer paper (perhaps on a cardboard backing), but anything lighter is really prone to tearing.  This makes it difficult to tell where the hole stops and the tear begins.  We could also have a rule that group sizes will be measured to the extremes of any tear in the paper, minus one caliber.  That would allow any paper to be used, at your own risk of tearing a larger hole, but would eliminate the need to "police" the paper weight (an impossible task anyways).

Freedom Gun Targets now has NUAH sized target available, if you can't print your own:

They meet the rules, and are printed on 60# paper.  Of course you can print your own from the downloadable files.  With these options available, and the increase in the popularity of NUAH.... plus the desire to not create additional complications for the "Director".... please vote in this poll to guide us in our decision on this matter.  If we make a rule change, it would be effective in 2022.


I voted to use the required targets... Mind you, I made 'member' status; and have been practicing with home-drawn targets-but in the end they are doing both the shooter and the club a disservice...
I say that for several reasons; firstly for all the reasons that Bob highlighted. Secondly, it makes things more difficult for the shooter-I can say without doubt that my homebrew targets are not as easy to aim at as the official ones would be... Furthermore, it restricts the shooter-not in ability, but in submissibility... I recently shot a group on my practice targets that almost required the 3MOA ring-something not possible on my homebrew targets, which could have took an otherwise qualifying upgraded submission and rendered it null. So, using homemade targets is doing a disservice to oneself, and not just the club. Not sure what to say about the proposed rule regarding tears in the paper, as on fresh, clean copy paper I usually see a gray mark from the head of the pellet that identifies the actual location of the hole, but that is only my experience, and it likely is not something that could be seen from photos-so it may very well be a good idea, as thinner paper can be backed relatively easily if one should have problems with their chosen stock...

Hoosier Daddy:
I vote yes, simply for "standardization".
Plus it would remove any doubt.

I don’t know what if any current competitions allow for homemade targets. I’m pretty sure most C-T-C measurements are made outside to outside minus caliber.

I get the reasons for wanting ‘standardized’.

I also understand these competitions/achievements to be based on an incredible amount of trust in the integrity of the person submitting his/her target.

They are also in the spirit of fun. No one stands to gain/lose by another individual obtaining ‘Nuah’   

For those reasons, I think a properly hand drawn target for those who don’t have a printer/means should be considered.



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