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Question to BR shooters - what pellets are the best BC in .25 for long range?


FX Impact .25 MK2 PP, 700 mm Superior Heavy liner (just switched out recently from STX-A).
Liner indexing done and currently entertaining with barrel harmonics tuner, as much the weather allows.
I am weight sorting my pellets, washing and lubing, so the effort and time is priceless, I still need to figure some testing tricks how to prevent the occasional fliers. If this just possible anyhow.
In past several months I was shooting JSB 34gr MK2 and discovered some inconsistencies with pellet skirts, I assume again this can lead to internal friction inconsistencies and this can lead to ..... a whole chain reaction.
For these above reasons I switched out the liner and started buying slugs, currently shooting ZAN 37 grain and next is to test 41 grain. The results I am seeing @ 100 promising. The POI grouping from average 1-3/4" with 34gr pellets (860-890 fps),  shrink to about 1" with 37gr slugs (920-940 fps).
I would like to train and prepare for next year competition season and over the winter prepare a batch of pellets again.
What is the experience with some other Brand pellets in .25 from a view of BC that can be successfully used for long range scoring?

OK  :-\ since nobody answered to above question I am converting my Impact to a slug gun. I will be back  ;)

The JSB 34 gr. King Heavy Mk2 pellets have about the best BC you can find in .25 cal for a pellet.... They rival or exceed the BC of the .30 cal JSBs.... Slugs do have a better BC, mostly because they are heavier.... Accuracy, of course, is king....  ;)


The mk1 king heavies have slightly increased BC
I use .062 shooting at 895fps

However, I know jsb has been messing with the skirt on those….it changed last fall.

I know with my mk2 impact, it was pretty easy getting 1.5”- 2” groups right out of the tin with those pellets. At 100y


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