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Thanks to all who are contributing to the Bargain Gate

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It is nice to see so many people helping out and posting links to sales and bargains when they find something that could be of interest to many of us.

I must admit I have purchased 2 guns and several other items from information I obtained here in the Bargain Gate.  Thanks to you I enjoyed some great savings, and know many of us will continue to do so because of your contributions.

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for taking the time out of their busy schedule to make the rest of us aware of some great deals out there.  It's people like you that make me proud to be part of the GTA family.


Harry not sure at this point how to make a new post?  Just wanted to add this.
12-28-2011 ::: Tired of paying $6,$7,$8 a tin for pellets???
buy them by the case, 40 tins to the case. .25 for $96.95, .22 or .177 for $91.95 shipped. We have the Peak brand pellets on hand, domes wadcutter and points.....points only in .25
This from Flying Dragon Air Rifles I am not sure but think they are 500 cnt per tin.  Had ask for count by PM will update if needed.

CO2 Freak:
I agree...Thanks to ALL that post Bargain's and Leads to cool stuff. Thanks

No, no thanks to anyone who posts air gun bargains here - it gives me GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome). This condition applies to guitars, guns, RC drones, bikes, motorcycles, snowmobiles, cars, cameras, microbrews, fine art, camping gear, fishing gear, boats/canoes/kayaks, heavy equipment, Jeeps, mud trucks, rat rods, dune buggies, 4-wheelers, whiskey, bullets, knives, logging equipment, cabins, surveillance equipment, HiFi stereo, speakers, jet skis, snowboards, swimsuit issues, and so on and so forth.

Bargain Gate is just no good. The less you spend on air guns the more cash/credit you have for actually buying and shooting pellets that keep the sport alive. No demand for pellets? Well then, no new air guns - a symbiotic relationship without the "bio" part.

A quick suggestion to anyone posting here:  How about taking the extra 15-30 seconds to add basic information to your title? Every single person coming here would like to see from a quick glance at the title what  is on sale for how much and from whom - please don't make us have to click through to your link to find out whether or not the item is one that is of interest or if the price is really a bargain


Lazy Title:  "Acme Deal!"

Much Better:  "Acme 2000XXL $99.99 Refurbished at AirGuns-R-Us w/Free Shipping"

Thank you.


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