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Kral Puncher NP500 - .22 pellet selection


In March 2024 I purchased this UK legal 12ft/lbs unregulated Kral PCP as I've been asked to reduce the rabbit numbers in some smaller country gardens, and where I thought it unwise use the .22LR with 40gn subsonic ammo. The Kral came with a sheet of a pellet test data and that pellet was the JSB Exact Jumbo Diablo 15.89gn @ 5.51mm, so I duly purchase a tin of 500. Weighing 40 of these pellets to check for weight uniformity, I was disappointed to find a spread of nearly 0.7gn with pellets ranging from 15.66 - 16.30gn. Written on the tin lid, it was stated that these pellets were "Carefully Selected", really? I'm a retired Engineer who loads his own CF rifle bullets and the tolerances here were unacceptable to me. I weighed all the 500 pellets and split them into two batches:-15.44 to 15.95gn and 15.96 to 16.38gn. Zeroing each batch, I was then able to achieve 18mm groups at 30Yards.
This set me on a course to try and find a more consistent brand of .22 pellet. I purchased some Test Packs and was astonished to find so many pellets did not work with the Kral, recording many groups greater that 50mm.
I will attempt to upload a jpeg of the list of pellets tried in the hope it will assist other people here.

The Kral is a UK legal limit PCP at 12ft/lbs - Unregulated model

Not quite got the hang of Attachments here? Was right at the bottom of post?
Anyway, further Down-Range testing at 25yards of the 6 favoured pellets with my Caldwell Precision Pro with IR 6V led light bars.
Showed a clear winner, the RWS Superfield, retaining best accuracy and most ft/lbs energy.
Hope this info assists someone.

Thanks, Roy. I've got a .177 Akela which is a similar gun to the puncher. It is not too pellet picky, but loves the NSA slugs in 12.5g. Not sure how lighter NSAs would do in a low power .22.

I generally find pointed pellets to do well at lower fps and your chart furthers my thinking in that regard. I know it's true with my .177s. Looks true in your 22 as well.


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