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Where to get a Hatsan AirTack mainspring and seal?


Charles Outdoors:
Anyone know who makes a spring and seal that will work with the Hatsan AirTack?

 Hatsan USA


This is the best seal for that rifle. All the aftermarket seals will work but they cost up to 4x more. Most are also TOO SOFT (IMO) and will provide less than factory velocity.

I usually fill out this form...

and request a quote and availability for factory replacement springs. Last springs I got from Hastan were ~$20. Biggest problem I have is that the US Hatsan service center runs out of parts I want and sometimes it is months before the next parts shipment. Some parts must be "popular" because they can sell out only a couple days after new stock arrives.

Sometimes response is immediate, sometimes it takes a couple attempts and 2-3 weeks. Not my best experience getting manufacturers parts (that was Crosman) but also not my WORST experience either.

I have an Edge spring in front of me right now. Airtact and Edge share many internal parts.

40 active coils
0.750" OD
0.500" ID
0.125" wire dia

Sorry, not for sale. I'm replacing the wimpy short LOOSE fit factory plastic spring guide with a custom fit full length guide.

Vortek (my alternate spring source) doesn't have a good replacement for this spring so I stick with Hatsan OEM springs.

... I see I'm late to the party ;-)


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