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Hatsan 125

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The 125  .177 is looking good in the walnut. Just tuned the 125 spring. Softbedding of the stock to make up for the 1mm tube difference in the tube diameter. Drops right in the 135 stock


The biggest downside to the H125 has always been the plastic stock-only option. Wooden stocks make these and similar guns shoot way better, cycle-wise. And then there's the walnut wow factor, too.

Blowpipe Sam:
Very nice!  Is that a mod 135 stock?


--- Quote from: Blowpipe Sam on March 26, 2024, 10:17:49 PM ---Very nice!  Is that a mod 135 stock?

--- End quote ---

Yes it is a 135 stock. Fits nice.

I have 135s in Walnut stocks and they are beautiful. I 'd gladly change some of my 125 plastic stocks to 135 Walnut but it usually costs more than what i paid for the original 125 rifle. That doesn't work for me :-(


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