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Hello everyone. I am embarrassed to say that I had forgotten about this sub forum. Okay does anyone have a list of airgun smiths? I have a relatively simple  project in mind I would like to commission to the right machinist. It entails mostly if not all pretty straightforward stuff. Thanks for any help.

How simple is relatively simple?  A little more detail will yield more pertinent replies, unless it's something you do not wish to publish.

Hi all, thanks for the reply. I don't know if I have a good enough idea to protect! I need an airforce style tube turned and milled. Not an extrusion. I'd really need to talk to someone live to be able to describe. Unfortunately I can't draw a print. All I have for a computer is a darn phone.

Do you mean this part?

You really would need some form drawing as a basis to discuss what you have in mind, it's difficult to machine a mere concept especially if it's someone else's brainchild, and if you need the design work as part of the commission then expect the asking price to be commensurate.

That is the basic concept of the part I need. I suppose I could do a sketch and take a photo of it.and send it in a email or text. I have a bit of  machine and production background and know what I want can be done fairly simply with the right guy. A guy with AF experience would be helpful. And of course anyone who has ever done any work for me has been satisfactorily compensated. Thanks for taking the time.


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