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House fire diana 48 resurrection!!!

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Thank you for the info! I thought to disassemble it completely,  so I could polish, de bur and re blue. Goal is to have it looking and performing as or better than new. I have wanted one of these since I was a kid and hopefully it will live up to the dream lol.

I believe you'll find burrs few and far between, this is a German rifle not Chinese.  There are some tricks to a complete disassembly - if in doubt, ask.  If you mess up it can get expensive.  It's not difficult, just not entirely straightforward.  Be sure to retain ALL pieces from the old cocking lever.  Pins and clips can add to the price in a hurry!  The T01 can be a beautiful trigger but it may require a little work.  I think I have pictures showing disassembly should you choose to go that route.  Some prefer the T01 to the T06.  I happen to like both.

If you donít have one already youíll need a spring compressor. Maybe not to get an old tired spring out, but certainly to put the new one in.

I have a large C clamp, was going  to make a wooden chassis and bolt that in the end, cut down, for a spring clamp?


--- Quote from: SwampHunter on September 16, 2023, 07:43:36 PM ---I have a large C clamp, was going  to make a wooden chassis and bolt that in the end, cut down, for a spring clamp?

--- End quote ---

Depends on how long the C clamp screw is. Taking the pins out is easy and requires just tiny movement, but then youíll need to have maybe 4+Ē to unwind it and take pressure off the spring. Find some YouTube videos and watch. For the side lever Dianas youíll generally need an adapter because with the shelf the safety sits on you can only press on about half of that plate. Look at the flat portion beneath the safety, thatís where you need to push.

Edit: Good size pipe clamp or bar clamp is probably a better solution. Iíve done it with both a Rail Lock and a pipe clamp. Iíd choose the pipe clamp over the Rail Lock. Forgot this was a T01 trigger gun. Havenít done a T01 side lever. Thomas/Denby does that change anything with how the compressor lines up? It does on the break barrels obviously.


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