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Hatsan Edge W/Crosman Nitro Piston vs Hatsan 125TH Spring Piston at 35 yards

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I wasn't interested in upping my Edge's power. I just said I wouldn't mind. but thanks for the clarification.

I have a .25 cal 135 for power.

So back to the original question, any tips for making a piston spacer with a hand-held drill? I don't have a lathe.


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Good to see you here, Tim! I had been wondering where you went.


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--- Quote from: Mossonarock on September 21, 2023, 09:33:40 PM ---thank you for steering me in the right direction. Any tips on how to make a centering bushing?
I have a hand drill and a hack saw. I noticed someone mentioned in another thread that they made one out of aluminum.
I'd be willing to pay someone to make one for me. I have too many irons in the fire as it is.
I've had to lay off from working on my airguns for a couple years.
So it looks like you suggest the NP1. I assume that's the one that kicks up the Edge to similar power as a 125? I won't mind that.

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I know Tommy says the NP1 made his edge much more powerful than it was before. I believe that is true, but my only explanation would be the Vortex had been slowly "fading" and the sudden fresh NP1 performance was a shocking improvement. Without repeatable chronograph data the results are purely subjective.

Based on all my measurements of the NP1, Vortex air spring, Edge coil spring, Edge piston & piston-throw, comp-tube diameter, AND repeatable chronograph data, the NP1 with a properly sized spacer may bring a Hatsan Edge rifle back near factory spec in the 18-22 fpe range. It will not bring an Edge rifle up to the 30-34 fpe energy of the Mod125/135 rifles. There is simply not enough energy stored in the NP1 gas spring to make that happen. The swept volume of the Edge and piston mass are also too small. If you could fit a true 34 fpe muzzle energy "spring" inside an Edge it would require two hands to cock, the shot cycle would be SUPER HARSH (bone jarring),  linkages and retaining pins would start to BEND,  and the rifle would shake itself apart.

The Mod125/135 rifles are LARGE and HEAVY springers designed from the ground up to be 30-34 fpe muzzle energy rifles. The Edge and its siblings were designed to be 18-22 fpe muzzle energy rifles and they can do that very well.

I know Hatsan specs the Edge rifle at 20-24 fpe but those are marketing MAX values. SOME Edge rifles will be that good, but most will be in the 18-22 fpe range.


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Good info.

According to you, I bet the Edge / Strikers do well in .22 cal, but what about the .25 cal from Tommy. Still a good match ? Edge Vortex in .25 cal looks interesting to me as a plinker / hunter.


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Good info.

According to you, I bet the Edge / Strikers do well in .22 cal, but what about the .25 cal from Tommy. Still a good match ? Edge Vortex in .25 cal looks interesting to me as a plinker / hunter.

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Edge performance in the different calibers depends on individual preference and intended use.

My opinion is that the Edge in 22 cal has the best all-around performance/cost for "my" needs. A 14.3 grain pellet velocity of 750-800 fps works well for me. There is a large 22 cal pellet variety available online and a fair selection locally, some at a low cost of ~1.2 cents/shot. Not so important for hunting but some days I like to have extended target practice sessions and launch half a tin (500 pellets) or more into paper and other miscellaneous objects.

The 177 caliber performance is also excellent and very useful to me. I do have some Edge/Striker/Mod95 rifles in 25 caliber. I prefer shooting the lighter ~19 grain pellets from these rifles. The ~31 grain pellets hit hard at short range but low velocity makes for a loopy trajectory at longer ranges. I have NO REGRETS buying these rifles in 25 caliber but I don't use them for extended target practice sessions.

If maximum ME (and down-range energy) is the only criteria I think the Edge is more likely to reach its peak ME performance when shooting one of the 25 caliber pellets. Which pellet depends on breech/bore fit and pellet mass for a particular rifle. What shoots best in one of mine may not be the best choice for your rifle.

I think the Mod125/135 rifles perform best in 25 caliber. Still excellent in 22 caliber but a bit overpowered for 177. The Mod130s in 30 caliber has just enough energy to make the rifle a useful hunter (for my needs) but extended target practice or plinking with that cannon is tiring and expensive. YMMV ;-)


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