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Hatsan Edge W/Crosman Nitro Piston vs Hatsan 125TH Spring Piston at 35 yards

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--- Quote ---on my drill press I drilled the NP centering hole with a 3/4" Forstners bit about halfway through (1/4") the 1/2 " HPDE board.
followed that with a 1/4" center hole.
then cut out the 1" OD with either a flycutter bit or a hole saw. Smooth OD edge looks more like my flycutter bit did the work.
finally drilled out the center to 3/8" to fit over that little "nub" on the Edge endcap.
--- End quote ---

Got it,
Thanks Mikey, that's just what I needed to know.
Maybe someday I'll get a round tuit.


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