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Notos ?

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Apologies for starting another thread …Ive found to get the best sight picture on my notos I have to use high rings and a .075 riser….at the moment using edge scout mounted(works great by the way) …but this was the case with several different scopes…..maybe its my old neck…..what combo are u folks using…(I found I had to use riser and high rings on 1358 also…)

Many thanks

High utg rings and 2-7 Hawke

UTG medium rings on a Athlon Talos 4-16x42, I have high cheek bones...

2A Georgia:
The included rings with the Centerpoint 3-12X44 feel right on the mock up.  I believe they are "medium" and will have enough room for the 12 round CARM.
Sunday it'll go in the vice with level, etc. and we'll see what I can do on paper or what has to move around.

BSA EDGE 2x7x28…high rings on .075 riser…sighted in indoors @30 feet…went outside @ 30yards took 6 shots(rested)for money….setup looks kinda wonky but for the moment works for me…..I like the small FOV…..Ive shot this gun more than my other 3 PCP’s combined…lol…..good luck


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