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Retained air in a pumper rifle

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Here is the latest tests, same test format as all the above tests,
Retained air from 1st shot results, in my DragonFly II 22 cal rifle.

Test  L4       M +
1=   295    232   
2=   433    357
3=   439    449
4=   457    452
5=   495    535
6=   511    625
7=   544    666
8=   611    702
9=   757    779
10= 800    823
11= 849    849
12= 853    869
13= 870*  884*=638@
14= 915*  884*=636@
15= 948*  890*=642@
* = air retained in valve after 1st shot
@ = second shot on the retained air = fps
Bold is my preferred pumps area
M Test
Nothing changed from L4 test, except the weather, down to 60* temps, from 90*+

I am attempting to figure out WHY, I have retained air now, and never had any
on any of the before tests, I check after every shot, past 10 pumps.

I have been told that retained air is a positive, as it allows for a second follow up shot,
if needed, for a hunting pumper rifle.

How would you tune/refine this retained air in the second shot?

Your thoughts or suggestions.........

Retained air can be increased by reducing the hammer strike, or deceased/eliminated by increasing the hammer strike.... If you are experiencing it now and not previously, did you increase the hammer strike to the point of setting the spring?.... When I am setting up a retained air pumper, I try and get 2 shots of the same velocity, or very close, so you have 1 and a followup....


 Not sure if the op has gone past factory recommended high number of pumps of 15 as of yet, but that and a little less hammer spring or one or the other should get him close I would assume. Go to 20, slpit the difference and call it 10 pumps per shot ???

Blowpipe Sam:
Doesn't pellet weight affect air retention?

2A Georgia:
Trolling/Learning ;)


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