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Pistol vs rifle

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Shooting my IZH46M with 1.5X pistol scope at 10M, no rest-standing, two handed.  Today I happened to be "on" and my group sizes were almost as good as when I use my FWB 601 (also at 10M offhand).  I'm not saying that group sizes with either gun were olympic quality.   When I'm having an "off" day group sizes with pistol are way larger than with the rifle.   And of course when I'm having a good day with the rifle the groups are much better than the pistol groups.  But I find it interesting that for hackers like me the offhand accuracy of the pistol is so close to the rifle.   Remember I'm only talking 10M offhand.  Off a rest would be quite different.

I almost always shoot 10 shot groups to eliminate those "random acts of accuracy".

Some days we're gold, the zin is right and we hold our mouth right.

Not necessarily a vision problem, but some days I “See” the perfect sight picture. On bad days I may only get a fleeting glimpse.

I love shooting 10m off hand. Probably 70% of my shooting, and I still stink. Next purchase will be the Crosman 2021 Challenger.

Unless of course I see something else shiny.

I've been wanting to get some kind of lightweight CO2 or HPA pistol for off hand shooting. I have very little experience shooting pistols, but I was reliably hitting beer can sized steel blanks at 35' using a Ruger 22lr target pistol at my club range a few months ago. This week I went to the "city" and took advantage of the indoor range while I was there and rented some PB pistols. I'm not sure if it was because the pistols were rentals, or what, but I could barely keep the shots on a standard sized piece of paper at 20-25'! I had a lot of fun, so now I'm really motivated to find a fun air pistol that won't break the bank, preferably in semi-auto.


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