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Crosman 1077 with globe sight


Made a clamp on globe sight for my old beaman and liked it so much, I decided to make one for my 1077 as well.

It came out great. I think I just prefer globe sights over traditional front post sights because I can use a ring to really dial in the vertical in my head. The edges of the ring match up almost exactly with the notch of the rear sight too. So long as I can keep the whole ring in the notch, I know it lined up right and what I see is what I'll hit.

Its a direct replacement to the original, 3D printed on my custom printer using HatchBox bronze pla. I'll make a black version when I get some black PLA in. Press fits right into place. Barrel slides through nicely and still allows me to clear jams.

The accuracy is pretty good for me. I managed to keep 10/12 rounds in the 3" target at 15m with rapid fire. I can do a lot better when I take my time, nailing empty CO2 carts off my target stand easily at the same range.

Nice work.  I 'd prefer black.

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