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DIY Arcade/Shooting Gallery

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Ladies and Gents, Iím interested in plans and outcomes for building a moving target gallery for a small group shooting at about 10 metersÖactuators, motors, auto resets, etc. Iíve not yet been successful finding a how-to, hence this post. Thanks for the feedback.

 Here is an idea

Hoosier Daddy:
James I think you will get more info here than in the Target Match Rules Gate. ;)

Go to the junk yard and pick up a windshield wiper motor. Then head over to Walmart and grab some of these.

Use your imagination from there....  ;)

Alternative to going to Walmart in store ( delivery not offered for me), amazon, at a better price, and even free shippingwith Prime members:

Thanks Avator (wrong attribution originally), I just got myself a few sets !  8)


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