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Tutorial for ADVANCED FINDING & SETTING REGULATOR pressure and spring tension


This is a Copy and paste post that was made within another thread, it was brought to my attention it should be stickied and there to read for those who are willing and able to perform advanced PCP tuning when using a regulator.
If you find yourself with questions you WILL NOT be able to ask them here .... Start a NEW thread within the PCP gate and just link the URL there.  Thank you, Scott S

Ideally .... having the tools to do so ( Remote ACCURATE pressure gauge fit between fill tank and guns tank. ) would be best done IN YOUR SITUATION by first reducing the spring energy on hammer a far amount before proceeding.  having a few springs of differing rate handy you may need.  During test you may need to go up or down in rate to find the sweet spot.
Then get the guns air tank drained down to 80 bar or so. LEAVE REG set point where it is at for now !

Hook up the gun to fill tank with gauge in the line. Fill the guns tank in 10 bar increments starting at @ 80 bar and take 2 shots over the chrony and write down pressure / speed.  Continue to do this watching where the speed plateau is and do a few 10+ bars past to confirm at what pressure the speed peaks.  *** IF THAT does not happen when getting to the pressure regulator is set for YOU STILL HAVE TOO MUCH SPRING.

IF by chance you can NOT get enough speed with pressure all the way up to the known set point, Not enough spring

Under stand you already know that at a pressure LOWER than current set point you can make more power than wanted, so it is just a matter of finding at what spring rate and pressure the gun will find the speed you want.

So now lets assume with a reduced spring rate that in your 10 bar incremental testing the gun hits your 865 fps target speed for 30 ft lb ( 18 grains ) at @ 110 bar and shoots slower at higher pressure  .... Now you have establish where the natural bell curve is.

Dump the air from test gear, dump the guns tank and dismantle removing regulator.  In a test fixture or what ever miens you have SET THE REGULATOR to @ 1-2 bar less than pressure you peaked at.

Set as such the gun will shoot at the prescribed speed, come off regulation at the same speed and even if you get a tad bit of reg creep letting gun sit ... THE SAME SPEED.
And ... you will find more usable shots per fill period.

My little tidbit of advanced regulation tuning technique

Good luck.
Scott S


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