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Okay, there continues to be issues with the use of our classified areas. But the main issue is folks just do not read the posted rules or instructions. :)
We will try to summarize things here and also give you a link to the posted rules and instructions. PLEASE take the time to read them!!!
We have even set a pop-up for you when you want to make a listing in the classifieds that tells you everything you need to know and are required before posting. You have to accept these rules and guidelines before you are allowed to post. It certainly will prevent a lot of grief for you and the staff if folks would actually read and heed the posted information we have supplied.

In a nutshell, we have set our classified areas up as a bonus for our contributing members to utilize. We are not and never will be an auction or classified forum. There are other places you can go if that is what you seek. Our classifieds have rules that we think make it one of if not the safest places on the internet to sell airguns or related items. And ONLY airguns and related support equipment/items will be allowed there!!!
You must have been a member at least 30 days and have at least 20 posts to your credit before you can post in our classifieds or add outside links in your posts. This is to prevent hit and run sellers, those that come here SOLELY to use our forum as a selling tool. Or in the thoughts of scamming someone.
We have a rule that states at least ONE photo of the ACTUAL item for sale or trade MUST appear in the ad. It cannot be a canned, manufacturers or internet photo. You have to have at least 20 posts to your credit to add photos or outside links in any of your forum threads. So, now to use our classified areas you are required to have been a member at least 30 days and have at least 20 posts to your credit to add the REQUIRED photo(s).
Ads will run for up to 14 days. If the ad runs this time without success, it will be moved to the Archive Gate where it must remain for 7 days. After 7 days, if you want or need it relisted, you can start the ad again in the classified area. This process is set up to give everyone the same privilege of having their ad at the top of the classified listings.
Once your item sells, is traded or you are no longer looking for an item, please hit the Report To Moderator icon. Then in the report, add the information you want added like Sold, Sold Pending Funds (SPF), traded or no longer available. The gatekeepers will see the report and make the appropriate changes to your ad.
If you need any editing to your ad, please follow the same procedure above and report your thread to moderators. Include in the report what you need edited.   

STILL having issues with folks not reading the rules for the classifieds. We set the rules to pop up onscreen when you select to start a new ad. PLEASE READ all of these rules before accepting and creating an ad. And at no time within the last year has a classified moderator told members to go edit their own classified post to mark it sold. The edit function has been turned off for quite some time now. and Rule #8 for the classifieds tells folks what to do when an item is sold, traded or no longer available.
PLEASE read and heed the posted rules for the classifieds. I'm always willing to help any member but do not send me a pm asking me to personally take care of your classified ad.
Read through all of the rules to know exactly what is required before, during and after an ad is placed.
Thanks all for your attention to these details.


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