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Author Topic: The Long Range Club Official Rules! (UPDATED 01/29/23)  (Read 8704 times - 1 votes) 

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The Long Range Club Official Rules! (UPDATED 01/29/23)
« on: December 03, 2015, 10:49:38 PM »
Here are the rules to become N.U.A.H. (Nuthin'.Under.A.Hundred-yards.) certified:

1. All airguns, calibers and ammunition are eligible.  Helium, Nitrogen, CO2 and air are all allowed.

2. Any range of 100 yards or more may be used, with the target size scaled to the distance shot.

3. To be counted as a hit, a shot must hit a 4 MOA target at the distance shot.  For these rules, 1 MOA is 1" at 100 yards, 2" at 200 yards, etc., a shot
    touching the line is in.

4. To qualify as a NUAH Member, you must hit a target that is the equivalent of 4 MOA, at the range you are shooting, 3 times out of 5 shots.
5. To encourage Members to continue to improve, they can qualify for the following Divisions, by shooting one five shot group at a 4 MOA target:
     Member - 3 out of 5 shots touching or inside the 4 MOA ring.
     Marksman - all 5 shots inside or touching the 4 MOA ring, and the group is 3 MOA or smaller measured Center to Center.
     Sharpshooter - all 5 shots inside or touching the 4 MOA (8 ) ring, and the group is 2 MOA or smaller C-T-C.
     Expert - all 5 shots inside or touching the 3 MOA (9) ring, and the group is 1.5 MOA or smaller C-T-C. (3 MOA ring on the target is required)
     Master - all 5 shots inside or touching the 2 MOA (10) ring, and the group is 1 MOA or smaller C-T-C. (2 MOA ring on the target is required.)

6. Required printable targets are attached below. All targets will have a ruler laid across them with one end on one side of the 4 MOA ring. This way
    we will eliminate any question to the size of the 4 MOA ring.

7. Only clean targets will be accepted, no additional holes, covered or not.

8. When using the targets below it is required to fill in all the info at the bottom of the target. It is permissible to color any of the rings on the all white target
    (eg. transparent highlighter), provided the scoring rings remain clearly visible.

Bob Sterne sent this helpful info to me, which explains how to have the correct size 4 MOA ring when shooting intermediate distances:
On the official printable targets, if you are shooting at 150 yards, the "7 ring" measures 4 MOA.... At 200 yards, the "6 ring" measures 4 MOA....These are marked on the targets.... and assume your printer is set to 100%....

If you want to shoot at ranges other than 100, 150, or 200 yards, you can scale the printable targets by using the "percentage" enlargement feature in Adobe Reader's printing function.... The targets should print with the 4 MOA ring at exactly 4" at 100% on 8.5" x 11" paper.... If you are shooting at ranges between 101-149 yards, or 151-199 yards, you can use that percentage when printing your target.... For example, if you are shooting at 125 yards, use 125%, and the 4 MOA ring (the "8 ring") should print at 5.00".... At 175 yards, using 175%, it would be 7.00"....

Print one target, measure the size of the 4 MOA 8-ring, correct the percentage if necessary, and then you can print customized targets for your range.... For over 200 yards, you will need a larger format printer and paper.... Please confirm your target is the proper size before using or submitting it....

Again, 100 yard minimum.
Pics and/or video of the target range area.
Pics of targets. 
Pics of the air gun/carbine/rifle and ammo---pics with you and the power plant used would be nice.
No graphic hunting pics (they have to be posted in the Hunting Gate).

---Any details of your setup are great, but not required.
---WITNESSES!!!!!---If there were any, but pictorial and/or video proof should suffice.

Printable targets are attached below.  Printing at 100% should produce a 4" 8-ring, but measure it to make sure for your printer.
Note: 400 yard targets have been added, to be printed on 17x22" paper.  You can print on 4 sheets of 8.5x11" paper using the "Poster" function on most printers, and tape them together before shooting.  You can scale these for use at any range up to 400 yds. by using the appropriate "percentage" scaling function on your printer.  Make sure to measure before shooting.
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