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Anyone see this in Hardair magazine?

Don't bother going to Valken sports website, as they have nothing posted about it yet.

The designs are very cool and what few reviews I have seen, seen generally positive.

It's about time. I've been wanting one of their under levers. I bought a couple of Mendozas off amazon that Vaulken supplied the vendor and some Norica pellets.

Interesting guns but the back up and availability of spares here in New Zealand was virtually none existent, so I was told. No good if you need seals ect ...

 Worked on a few with our founder Gene, not bad airguns , Dez has one (ezman604). David

I got nosey and had to look...between those and some of the Mendoza's, I have a few new rifles on my wish list if they shoot as good as they look.


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