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Author Topic: Alternate target available for Open-10 Yard off hand rifle match.  (Read 3268 times))

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Our Big Bill graciously allowed me to post this.
Thanks Bill!!

This is copy of the gamo target with a
black bull the same size as a 10 meter
rifle target.

This is in hopes of making it easier for
those shooting front and rear apertures
to find a suitable front aperture.

Please note that the black does extend into the
8-ring. Scoring is to the rings, not the black.

For printing purposes, the black should measure
1 3/16 inch. (1.1875)

I hope this will encourage those wanting to try
aperture sights to do so.

I can and will e-mail an original file to anyone who request it.

Timegoat provided a .pdf for this target, can be found here;

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