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My name is Kevin (aka etec800R). The etec800R comes from my snowmobiling addiction, my wife says I have too many hobbies!

I have one air rifle. It is a Beeman - Feinwerkbau Sport 124. My father purchased the rifle approximately 1980 and I remember shooting it around that time.  I recently started shooting it again with my kids. Seals have been replaced and it shoots very nice.  Also very accurate just as I remember.

It does have a problem. The Cocking Lever will not stay engaged with the Cocking Lever Shoe. I need assistance finding a shop to repair or maybe fix myself.  I am in Northern Indiana and would like to find someone local. Please let me know if I should start a new topic to ask my question?

I am also a forum member on DooTalk. It is for SkiDoo snowmobiles and related sled topics and know it is a great resource for help.

Thank You

Welcome to GTA, Kevin!

We have a German forum section where you can start a thread about your gun issues, or search threads for similar topics. Good luck!

Welcome to the GTA Kevin.   8)

Welcome to the GTA.

Outstanding, Kevin! Welcome to the GTA!!!


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