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Author Topic: Recommendations wanted for a FT Hunter Class scope  (Read 194 times))

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Recommendations wanted for a FT Hunter Class scope
« on: June 07, 2021, 02:06:31 PM »
With the new regulations allowing a scope with up to 16 times magnification, I think it is time to upgrade my Optisan Mamba Light 4-12 scope.  I love that scope and love the perfect reticle! :-*
Unfortunately is is max 12X not 16X. :'(

When people at my range look through my scope they all say, "boy that is a clear picture".  These are Hawke and Atherton scope users.  Plus the AMX reticle is just too weird....
Since the scope will be set at 16X 95% of the time, FFP scopes make no sense for this application.
Budget is $500> . Please let me know if you shoot FT Hunter Class and what scope you are using and why you like it.

Thanks in advance,

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