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Enter to Win a Surge Max Elite .22 from Umarex USA


Hey there everyone! 

Umarex USA has provided a Surge Max Elite .22 as a giveaway!  If you'd like a chance to win, simply go here: to fill out the form.

Please show them some love from the GTA and head over to their contest.  The more entries they receive, the more they'll see the value of the Airgun Expo, the GTA, and what we can do for them and the sport.


 Entered  ;) I do not need another airgun, but if it ends up going my way I will find an airgunner who does :)  8)

Wow, nice deal! Just signed up, caught up on most of the videos I missed too.
Could be fun to teach the grandkids with something like this, that's a thought.

Good luck everybody! 


Blowpipe Sam:
Thanks a lot! >:(. When I went to the site I also saw that new Legends M-3 grease gun.  Now I gots to have one!  Back when I wore a green suit every day I had a real one as my personal weapon.


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