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Benjamin Cayden PCP .22 Caliber Airgun Review, Awesome new PCP from Benjamin

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Benjamin has 4 new airguns that are pretty awesome.  The Cayden is a traditionally styled PCP that is packed with features at a great price.  Getting nearly 60 shots from a single fill, the Cayden is an all-day hunting rifle.  Whatís better is that itís extremely consistent and very accurate.  I personally love the Cayden.  Itís very well made, powerful, accurate, and a pleasure to shoot.  The cocking lever and trigger are both stand outs.  Additionally, the Ĺ UNF threaded barrel means that shooters can and their favorite airgun suppressor with ease.  Itís a great airgun with a great company standing behind it with a 5-year warranty!

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Hoosier Daddy:
Hey Rick....
 I believe my lower accessory pic rail is farther forward than the Cayden you tested.

Rick I just watched the video for the second time, it was enough for me to switch over to Cayden for today's hunt at the state land.  When I grabbed it out of my gun room I happened to notice there's plenty of air in it so no need to air it up, grabbed the mags and they're both full.  Easy peasy start so far along with a tin of my cast pellets that shoot extremely well from this gun(23 grain).
As far as consistency goes the gun is unreal, mine was the same way as the one that you tested right out of the box. 

I love my Cayden so far !!


I'm very impressed with this gun.  Unfortunately (IMO), the bullpups get all the attention.  I like rifles and carnbines.   I just reviewed the Akela as well, and I think I shoot the Cayden better.  The center of gravity on the bullpups is too high for me, and I struggle to keep it from rocking side to side.  Anyway, I'm glad you like the the video and I'm glad you like your Cayden.  I hope to get more videos up here.  Please let your friends know about the GTA and let Crosman know too. 



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