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Author Topic: *** Support Of Airgun Related Vendors ***  (Read 3839 times))

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*** Support Of Airgun Related Vendors ***
« on: September 07, 2016, 09:32:24 AM »
Supporting Airgun Related Vendors

The Gateway To Airguns Forum is an internationally known and recognized airgun forum consisting of members from all over the world.  To help support the varied aspects of this hobby, the GTA has allotted space for a Vendorís Gate for those who have shown an excellence in their business ethics and support of furthering airgunning for their customers.  Our forum was created to be and will always remain a NON-Sponsored site.   We feel strongly about this in order to remain a nonbiased site. We do this to prevent influence in swaying our membership toward any particular brand of airgun related items. We are solely supported by the generous donations from our members and member/vendors.
We support those that support us. We have a small set of requirements in order for us to recognize and support a vendor. We do this at no charge, which is unheard of anywhere else on the internet. Over the years, there have been a few instances of vendors who have not upheld decent, ethical and supportive practices toward their customers and the GTA.  You may notice one or two vendorís names are not used on the forum and when they are, they are replaced with non-sensical letters.  This is to protect the membership of the GTA.  Please do not attempt to circumvent this decision in your posts.  Since these individuals or businesses have failed to meet our requirements for our support, they are not allowed to be discussed on GTA forums.
Thank you.
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