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$17 13xx auminum barrel band

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MI Yeti: $17 13xx aluminum barrel band. I have one, and I just ordered a second. Took about three weeks to get. Fit and finish is good, other than it being a bit loose on the barrel. And you will need to mod the p13xx pump grip to clear it. the older 13xxc should clear fine. It took about five minutes to drill and tap the barrel band from the bottom for a 8-32 set screw.  Rock solid after that. I'd recommend not buying if you can't drill and tap for a barrel set screw though.

Very good price 👍

Thanks.  Metal bits are always worth a try.

It looks identical to the GMAC brand.

Makes me think it's the same one.

MI Yeti:
It dose look the same. My thought was that is was a clone. Or maybe Gmac has them made in china and the factory is selling some on the side.


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