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More pigeons and starlings


This is part 2 of my visit to the "pigeons" farm and my FX Crown continued to tag them pigeons and starlings repeatedly, as long as I did my part.

Too many of them around and limited time I have, but one bird at a time.


Nice video!  It would have been awesome to get the eagles on film.  Last time we were at the In-Laws in Al there were 2 bald eagles fishing in some of the ponds.  Never was able to get a pic of them though.

@customcutter.  Yeah it would be awesome to capture the eagle footage.  Hopefully I will get the opportunity next time.  Thanks for watching.

Good shooting. Iíve watched a lot of your videos. I just got a AVA 25 cal. I canít wait to tune it and get out there and hit some targets

@Chubbin.  Thank you for watching.  Have fun with your AVA 25 cal.


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