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H&N FTT 8.64g $7.33 500 count Amazon

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Sorry guys forgot link...

Thanks WD that is the correct link.. ;D

I ordered one tin at a time so they would hopefully survive shipping better...came tin in padded envelope... did get some dents still..
Matches written not picture...

both tins I received are the 4.50 head size...and 500 count...

Lt. Dan:

--- Quote from: Earl on June 25, 2022, 11:03:01 PM ---The picture and the description are different.
I am going to order 3 or 4 tins because K.O. says they are FTT and 500 per tin.

--- End quote ---
Me too!

Here's same price in FTT 4.51 $7.33

Was a buck higher just a day or so ago...

Price weirdness at MidwayUSA on same 2 sizes of 177 FTTs. 
4.50 was $7.33 now $8.36 (I stocked up at $7.33)
4.51 was $8.36 now $7.33

Given the 4.51 on Amazon just dropped, will the Amazon 4.50 jump up?  Does H&N control these prices everywhere?

Thanks Bob now have a tin of .451 head size on the way...

Just re-affirming what the other posts say. Picture is wrong, its in fact 500 ct of Field Target Trophy not the baracuda extreme pictured. Ordered 2 tins... came in a padded envelope and a good few dents in the tins unfortunately per normal amazon's drop and kick shipping. Pellets seem to have survived ok though upon inspection.


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