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amazon hatsan vortex strike .25 cal 24.7gr, 200ct $6.49

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Bargain Hunter:

Ordered 4 tins. I have 3 guns that shoot them very well.
I got free shipping and had a $6.47 gift card.
Final cost $21 and change.
I hope at least 1 tin arrives in good condition...  :o

BTW.... those are 24.7gr. Not 14.7 as stated in the title of this thread.
I reported to have a mod fix it.

Do not have any in .25 so ordered a tin to try... looks like not in clam pack... so like the H&N ftt just order one and denting is minimal...

July 10 for delivery.. ::)

The limit seems to be 4 tins so that's what I ordered. It says they will be here Thursday. Hopefully something I have will like them.


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