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Hi Rocky, I believe the early valves were superseded and might not match the seals currently available.
I resealed a Hahn 45 with this issue.  IIRC, I ended up arranging an oring near the neck of the cartridge. 

    I will let you know the results. There should be a few seals in, hopefully tomorrow. My urethane seems to be silicone. They did work for a little while so I knew the insides were good. I did put some new Viton rings, anyways, at least on the SA6

   I guess I got ripped off again. They think (said) I ordered a part that I knew was wrong. No plans to even try to fix things. I have dealt with an Ebay guy that is way way better than the the two big companys, that I ordered from, that were way more money. T

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