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For Compasseco use this coupon code: 25OFF. I tried it and it worked.
Funny thing for me is that I wanted to order the TF-87 while it was on sale for $152.00.  But the price is up again to $189.00. The 25% off brought it down to $142.45, a savings of roughly $10.00 below the sale price. Well, 10 bucks is ten bucks! With shipping the price would be $165.00. Not bad for that brute. eh?

Thanx darryl I'm debating on pulling the trigger on a Tech Force 99 old style for 93 dollars shipped with the 25% off code???  any one have one of these?  What groups do you get at 30 yards  And what chrony numbers does this thing put out?

You may do better to ask about the TF-99 in the China gate. I'm going to pull the trigger no the TF-87, I hope.

I finally got my TF87 in today and even though I bought a used one, I think it's a good deal and a good value for the money. I'll post my stats on the other post, but I'm showing my TF87 is almost 60fps faster than the real world numbers of the TF89 and making 22-23fpe. That's a good buy in my book.  What RWS model would that put it up against?

archers got the qb36-2 for 65. thats the same as a 99


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