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Crosman hollow points at WalMart

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Was just checking to see if my WM had those Titans in stock (they do) and it now seems that the Daisy .22 wadcutters are gone, replaced by 500 count tins of Crosman hollow points for about $7 apiece.  They also had .177 Crosman Destroyers for $2/can.  I thing they were the 250 count.  Must be a tie-in to the Crosman guns they are stocking.

I'm trying the CHP's in .22.  Have used them in .177 but have a hard time keeping which ends up, especially when trying to insert under a scope.  That little round head is hard to handle.

I think you'll find the .22 CHPs to be much easier to handle. In my 1073 the shoot almost the same as the CP Magnum Domes, which I like very much. Oh, BTW, I've closed the deal on that B30. I want to thank you for the tip. I think I'll be a happy camper. :)

The .177 Daisy Wads never worked well for any of my springers.  Don`t know how they are in .22.  They seem abit too soft....maybe good for lower velocity airguns.

.22 CPHP & .177 CPHP has been staple diet on my shooters. .177 destroyers is only good for my modified 1377 carbine & QB79, I was so impressed from the accuracy on those two shooters that I cleaned out wally world on the destroyers. 2X I visited WM and still NIS on destroyer.

The .177 Daisy wads did work decent in my .177's but the CPHP's worked better. As for the CPHP's in .22 the boxed domed CP's from PA shoot better (slightly) IMHFO but it could be the shooter and not the ammo! I honestly think the skirt fit better with the boxed CP's than the CPHP's.


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