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New Goodies on their Way -Snowpeak PP750, PP20, M16, M16A, Gauge Blocks

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Hi Guys! The Snowpeak shipment headed out the beginning of April so hoping to have it by the beginning of May. I've got more PP750 and the new PP20 target pistol, as well as a bunch of M16A/ bottle versions of the Diana Outlaw, and a few M16. I also have a more Gauge blocks for the PP750, that should been here already but they are floating around in the mail it seems. I should have them by the end of the week anyway.
If you want to pre-order an M16, PP750 or PP20 you can check them out on my website:

Power Plenum/Gauge blocks for the PP750 are here. I have a couple of the longer ones left and quite a few of the normal size.
The Snowpeak shipment has landed at port, so now just a matter of getting through customs and trucking to me.

Very nice.

Actually just got an update that it has not yet arrived. My apologies. I misunderstood the status of the shipment. It looks like the ship is a week behind schedule. Sorry for the misinformation!

Madd Hatter:
You mean they're actually unloading ships in Canada?😜


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