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700cc carbon fiber tanks back in stock

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I am soooooooooo tempted....  ::)


It would be ungainly for sure, but could you imagine a dual tank set up with a pair of these babies??  I'm not doing it- but just imagine! LOL

Yeah, two of them side by side would provide a stable base for bench shooting, and 1.4 litres (85 CI) of onboard air.... Then a dual tank block with a built in adjustable regulator.... Imagine what a nice setup for Extreme Benchrest, where you are not allowed to refill during a card....  8)


Hi Guys, these 700cc are in stock again. I've also got 580cc and 480cc on the way in the same style as the 700, and I have in stock some 300, 360, 420 and 500 cc in a glossier black.

Hi Guys, just thought I'd let you know I have plenty of the 700cc back in stock plus 360 and some 580cc. I've put them all on sale for the summer. The 700cc is on for $199
Also just a note that when you get to the shipping section on the website, the shipping choice is not automatic, so you can choose the appropriate shipping option for what you are buying. You can choose Purolator or DHL or USPS, and then there is option for rifle and compressors shipping cost. You don't need to pay the rifle/compressor shipping price even if it selects that option for you (if you are not buying a rifle or compressor). Just click on the appropriate shipping that you want.


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