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Artemis PP750 Strip Stak Pak


So I was approached to design an air stripper and baffle set for the very popular and spectacular Artemis PP750.

The free area and general arrangement made it a perfect candidate for my Strip Stak Pak design concept.

So here we are, I have designed and produced an HP Strip Stak Pak for the Artemis PP750

There are no modifications required, you simply unscrew the end cap, remove the barrel shroud, install the air stripper on the barrel, apply silicone lube (included in the Pak), reinstall the shroud, drop in the stak, reinstall the cap, and poof! you're good to go!

As with all of my Strip Stak Paks, it's about more than just making something quieter, I have always focused on conditioning the air stream to provide as laminar an airflow as possible to allow for smooth delivery of the projectile, sound mitigation was a secondary benefit.
So If you got a PP750, give it a go and if you already have an HP Strip Stak Pak for your PP750, let me know your thoughts!

Iíve been eyeing up a 750. I feel like you could make a decent penny selling a tuned version. It seems these pistols need several tweaks. Baffles, regulator, trigger come to mind. I havenít found a us distributor for these yet.


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