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My 2nd Unofficial submission, too bad I didn't have the official target.

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Lt. Dan:
Here is my second unofficial submission.
Firewalker is going to send me a few targets so thanks to him I'll be able to submit an official target.

I shot at eight targets today, tweaking my hold and holdover. Below is the best of the eight.

5/15/2022. 10 am
100 yards
Wind calm
RWS-460  .22
JSB Exact Jumbo Diabolo 15.89 gr
Seated, using front rest only, with artillery hold.

5 pellets under 4 MOA, group under 2 MOA

Best I can understand by reading the rules, since all 5 shots were inside or touching the 4 MOA ring, and the group is 2 MOA or smaller C-T-C I would have made SHARPSHOOTER.

you are getting there, for sure

Lookin' good!.... Now print off some targets!....


That’s some nice shootin’
Once you get the official targets you can be sure of getting approval with that kind of shooting. You can print your own copies of the official targets, just be careful of the scaling. Also IMO cardboard is better than paper for targets.

Lt. Dan:

--- Quote from: rsterne on May 16, 2022, 05:11:22 PM ---Lookin' good!.... Now print off some targets!....


--- End quote ---
Thanks Bob, Firewalker is sending me some.


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