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Unexpected NUAH member application

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I just started shooting at 100yards -- just getting a feel for it  -- haven't even sussed out what ammo this gun likes best, but it did ok at 50 yards with CPHPs, so tried them at 100.  This evening was pretty windy (usually dies down in the evening...not tonight) so I was just "sighting in" for a better opportunity, got it more-or-less zeroed, and tried a few NUAH targets.  Got one with a pretty decent showing, but not all 5 inside the 4MOA ring, which I thought was the goal.  Then I read the rules, so I guess I got it, members only need 3 of 5?  Woot! 

Next time I set up the "shooting bench" I'll take pictures of it and the range.  Don't laugh, the bench is a lazy-boy box with 3/4 plywood on top, with leather bags front and rear.  Not space-saving, but light and portable.
I do not have a rangefinder.  Distance was tape measured off, along uneven ground, so I added 2 yards.  Google maps and Earth have me at either 101 or 102 yards, plus I shoot from about a yard back from the point I started measuring from.  So I'm calling it 101+ yards, probably closer to 102.
Wind Ave 8mph gusting to 16, from the South (left to right.) 
.22 (refurb) Avenger with cheapie (refurb) Hatsan 3-12x50AO scope.  Shimmed up in the rear by about 0.028"
Shooting 14.3gr Crosman Premier Hollowpoints, around 900fps, straight from the tin, loaded in 10-shot magazines.  Given it seems like at least 1 in 10 flies off in some crazy-@$$ direction, I think know I got very lucky tonight.

Target/ruler photo attached.

Good shootin'  :D

Please post a photo of your range and equipment, per the rules, and I will add you as a Member....


Thanks Bob and Jesse.  As requested, here's pics of my high-dollar setup.  Gonna try for the next step up, but not holding my breath.  5 inside 4" seemed doable...not so sure about 5 inside 3".

Thanks, I have added you as a Member.... Welcome to NUAH....



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