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Back yard paper punching: is it me or the gun?

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I currently have two airguns: a Daisy 880 and an Umarex Origin in .22.  I have a small city back yard, can't get much further than 40' from my targets.  I'm legally allowed to shoot an air rifle with an appropriate back stop, and my main goal in shooting in the back yard is to practice general trigger/rifle shooting skills for hunting (with airgun, PB rifle, shotgun).

I've been shooting the 880 20-30 rounds a day for the past few weeks.  I'm using the 880 because it's way less work to pump (2 pumps!), cheaper ammo, and way less extra energy should a pellet go flying.  My 5-shot group sizes (iron sights) improved to 0.3-0.9" at 20 ft and it's kind of been stalled there (prone, no extra support).  I don't have confidence about what's me and what's the gun.

Should I get a different rifle?  Put a cheap 32mm scope on the 880?  Try to tune the Umarex down and shoot it?  Just do the barrel tape and credit card trigger mods on the 880?

Absolutely do the trigger!  My LDC (Geo), elimiinates the need for taping the barrel, But I thought I read somewhere that it wasnot necessary on the newer guns.  I could very well well be mistaken on that.

If you can see with the irons well enough than a scope may not be necessary.

What cheap ammo are you using??? In other words have you found a pellet that the gun likes or are you shooting whatever you can find?  There can be a very big difference perfomance wise between brands, shapes, weights etc.

While I have a modded 880 that shoots very well, I am not a huge fan of pumpers so don't shoot it all that much.  I wonder if two pumps is enough for pellet stability and shot consistency.  I always use at least 3-4 pumps.  Someone more knowledgeable than me will chime in otn that I'm sure.

 Here is a more recent post on how to get the most out an 880
 Besides the trigger IIR there are links to some of the older modification post also.
 Keep the Origin up in power for back yard bullies etc.

I would try shooting at different number of pumps, to find what velocity shoots best in your rifle.

The other issue is how well can YOU see at 20 feet?
If you cannot aim well and consistently, you can't shoot tight groups.
Old saying "aim small to hit small."  For me, that means the magnification of a scope.

If the trigger is gritty, you got to work on that.
I once shot a 953 that had such a BAD trigger than I spent more effort fighting the trigger than aiming.  And I finally gave up in disgust.  Fixed the trigger, and now it is a great shooter.

"I don't have confidence about what's me and what's the gun."

Besides the good advices above, I would start .. seated, very well rested and trying my best as the shooter.  After knowing those groups, I would try prone with no extra support.


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