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NUAH and 100 yard match questions


In regards to the actual range and photos needed, would a "through the range finder" photo be enough to verify both the shooting range (shooting lane) and distance?

I often just set up on my back deck and shoot off the table using a foam block rest and/or a homemade soft rest, or bipod (only frontal support). Shots beyond 25 yards go between a shed and steel barn, previously limited to 50-60 yards (woods line) but have been clearing trees and limbs to extend further. Currently goes to 105.5 yards (via range finder) from my shooting position on the deck, out back in the woods to a post I staked. Makes it difficult to get clear photos into the woods at distance, but plans are in the works for a 100 yard (and some) target stand. Possibly a shooting lane will be made off to the side of the property, but lots of work yet to be done  ;D

If using the same range/lane for NUAH and 100 yard matches, do range photos need to be submitted with every entry? Is it nesesary to be exactly 100yards or would 100 and some be ok?

The Misses recently bought a "wireless" printer, one which I have yet to learn to use. It's been at least a decade and a half since I've used any printer of sorts, and that last one used ribbon. Lol, I'll try and figure things out for printing targets. Have a link I need to follow up on, to see if some can be purchased, just in case (Thank you "rsterne"/Bob)

Also, is there any "need" to upgrade in NUAH classification if participating in 100 yard matches? I understand entering with qualifying scores in a 100y match will gain member status, just wasn't sure if NAUH class makes much difference.

Thanks in advance, take care and be safe.

Just as an example, I'm concerned with the quality of photos. I attempted to take a few through the range finder, with less than stellar results. Actually bumped the device/tripod a bit trying to snag photos, which I'll include below. But there's my "50-80-100 yard" photos, the "50y" (52.9) being taken last year. The 80y (82.4) is the rimfire target on the tree "stump" and behind/above that there's a post with a tin can at 100y (105.5), both ranged via range finder. You'll have to click/zoom for a better look, As they're difficult to see. As said, I bumped the device/tripod in two photos, so the center range finder box is slightly off target...

Just looking to see what's needed for distance verification.

Success! Well almost...

I kind of figured out the NUAH target printing process. My 4 moa ring is 1/8" short (photo below). I have to sort that out and give a better range finder distance photo for whomever. Then actually have to shoot something halfway decent  ;)  ;D  :P

After printing a second target, will 1 15/16" (from centerline to outside the 8-ring/4MOA) be ok? Can't seem to find the issue, and it's only 1/16" short either way...

Something I wanted to pass on for folks considering either NUAH or the 100 yard match, I had found the black colored target much easier to spot/shoot than the plain (or white) one. Not sure of the yellow/green coloured one... Sent 10 rounds down kind of half heartedly with my Gamo Magnum Swarm .22, 5 at each at different times today to "test the waters" so to say. (105 yards, CPHP 14.3's)

The black on colored paper might be good, or an inverse with colored Center and black outer rings.

You need to check the box to actual size when printing, then the rings should line up with a ruler. I need to get some different colors and print some, finally getting warm again.


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